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Updated 11/20/2019

Membership expired for all current members September 30, 2019. You must renew in order to access the background check and insurance program. Please login to your dashboard to pay your renewal dues of $32.50. Make sure all information in your profile is current and up to date. Also check your photo in your profile to make sure it is the latest of you as Santa or Mrs. Claus.

The Nominating period for the Board of Directors is closed. There will be four Director positions up for election, each with a three year term of office. The election of Board Members will occur February 1st to 15th, 2020. For more information, contact:

ISC-2020 in Atlanta next April

Read ISC Flash News 4 [HERE]


Be a part of the largest Christmas Organization in the world. A picture of you as Santa or Mrs. Claus is a required part of the membership application. This file needs to be a headshot in the JPG format. You upload the picture as part of your application.
You can join by clicking [Here].
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Our Spring Newsletter can be downloaded or read online. Fantastic pictures and stories of local members, chapters and events.
The source of information for the entire Christmas community.

Santa's Heart Participation Pin

Santa's Heart Committee has now reviewed the season submissions. Selections to be announced in Fall Newsletter. Last year's awards from Denver ISC! [Here]

To contact us by snail mail:
PO Box 72122 Phoenix AZ 85050-1019
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IBRBS — PO Box 72122 — Phoenix AZ 85850-1019