IBRBS Affiliated Chapter Application

IBRBS Affiliated Chapter Application

IBRBS – The World’s Largest Organization of Professional Santas and Mrs Clauses
Please use and submit this form to submit an application to become an affiliated chapter of IBRBS.

If you are unable to complete this form online, please print or download this application in pdf.

We, current full members of IBRBS and the above-mentioned Chapter, formally request the Board of Directors grant us recognition and acceptance as an official affiliated chapter of IBRBS, with all rights and privileges afforded that status. As either the original elected Officers of this Chapter or its duly approved representatives, we understand that we will have the right to use the IBRBS Logo and Trademark to represent our group as long as we remain an officially recognized affiliated Chapter. Should this recognition be revoked by a majority vote of the IBRBS Board of Directors or by a request by us to sever the relationship, we agree to immediately surrender all rights and privileges resulting from this official affiliation and further to cease all use of the IBRBS logos and trademarks. Further, we understand and agree that we have no authority to commit IBRBS to any financial obligation of any kind without the prior written authorization of the Board of Directors of IBRBS.

By submission of this form, the Chapter and all of its members agree to, at all times, abide by and uphold the IBRBS Tenets.

Duly selected representatives and/or elected Officers of the above-mentioned Chapter are listed as follows:

A minimum of five (5) IBRBS full members are required for approval. If you have more members wishing to be Charter Chapter members,
please provide us with a copy of the same information requested below on a separate sheet.
Please leave the VERIFIED column blank for use by the IBRBS Board of Directors.


A minimum of five full members (dues paid) is required for submission of this form. Please contact your district, regional, or international rep for more information.
A typed signature will serve as a legal representation of the member's written signature.