Message from SantaMembers — if you have IBRBS questions please contact us by email. Please remember that we are all volunteers with personal lives and everyday tasks. We do not give out phone numbers because we are not always available by phone. Email allows you to explain your problem, with detail, allowing us to respond with thought and preparation. We will respond to your email in a timely manner and as soon as possible. To create an email, click on the title of the Board member. Thank you.


Santa Fred Selinsky — Arizona

Director Fred Selinsky
IBRBS Chair of the Board
Governance & Operations Officer

Santa Stephen Arnold — Tennessee

Director Stephen Arnold
IBRBS President and CEO

Santa Tom Carmody — Colorado

Director Tom Carmody
Membership Services Officer

Santa Howard Graham — Maryland

Director Howard Graham
Events Officer

Santa Don White — Washington

Director Don White
Member Services

Mrs Claus Deanna Golden — Arizona

Director Deanna Golden
Governance Officer

Both our IBRBS CFO and Treasurer position
as well as our Secretary position are open for
application by qualified candidates.
Please contact either
the Chair – Fred Selinksy or the
President – Stephen Arnold at the
email links provided above.

Santa Lance Skapura — Pennsylvania

Director Lance Skapura
Communications and Marketing Officer

Santa Don Fasig — Florida

Director Don Fasig

Santa Steve Eastis — Florida

Director Steve Eastis

Santa Robert Elkin — Florida

President Emeritus Bob Elkin