General Membership Questions

  • Why should I join IBRBS?
    IBRBS is a 501 (c)(7) Not-for-Profit organization dedicated to supporting the Christmas community. IBRBS is a member-driven group of international men and women, and led by an all-volunteer team. One of the best reasons to join is the friendship, networking, sharing, and camaraderie with like-minded Christmas professionals.  Members decide the future of the organization by voting on Bylaws and for the Board of Directors. Benefits include subsidized background checks, discounted comprehensive entertainers’ liability insurance, scholarships, and a charitable recognition program. You can find a complete list of benefits, programs, and services on the website at
  • Who can join IBRBS?
    IBRBS offers two types of membership: Full and Associate. Full members include real-bearded Santas, Mrs. Clauses, and wives of Full member Santas. Associate members include Christmas-themed characters, spouses of Full members or deceased Full members.
  • What is an Affiliated Chapter?
    Affiliating with IBRBS takes only five Full members. Chapters are the grass roots of our organization where most members meet and bond with their fellows in the Christmas community. Each Chapter is completely autonomous in their operation and eligibility, and IBRBS provides liability insurance for IBRBS members during Chapter events. Learn more about Chapters and how to affiliate on the website at
  • Why should I renew my IBRBS membership if I don’t have any appearances for the upcoming season?
    Whether you have retired from appearances, are dealing with health issues, have fewer events, or are stepping back for personal reasons, your IBRBS membership continues to offer support and provides access to a number of programs and services. Your membership allows you to stay connected to your colleagues and friends in the Christmas community. Also, Santa’s Heart recognizes the charitable work you do for your community. Scholarships are available to members to attend eligible Christmas schools, and to you or immediate family members for higher education. The members-only Facebook page and the Newsletter keep you connected with your colleagues and IBRBS updates, in addition to sharing your experiences and wisdom as a mentor. Renewing your IBRBS membership allows you to continue sharing your voice and shaping the future of the organization.
  • Can I join or renew without a background check or insurance?
    Yes! Your membership is independent of purchasing a background check or insurance. As some members have access to these services outside of IBRBS, they are not a requirement of membership.
  • When can I renew my membership?
    The membership period is October 1 through September 30. Each year, renewal opens around mid-August. Members receive email notices about the dates and process, and can also follow updates on Facebook.
  • Can I join IBRBS any time during the year?
    Yes! IBRBS welcomes new members at any time. Those who join on or after April 1 will have their membership extended to September 30 of the following year without increased or pro-rated dues.

Background Checks and Insurance

  • What type of Background Check is available through IBRBS?
    IBRBS has partnered with IntelliCorp to offer subsidized background checks to its members, and friends of members. The background check is one of the most comprehensive in the industry, through both national and local databases. IBRBS typically opens the Background Check process in September, so that members can provide their clients with the report prior to the start of their engagements and programs. Learn more about the Background Checks.
  • What type of Entertainers’ Liability insurance is available through IBRBS?
    IBRBS has partnered with Philadelphia Insurance, through their broker Kaercher, to provide entertainers’ liability insurance, at either $2M or $4M limits. Molestation, international, other character, and assistant coverages are also available. Learn more about Insurance.
  • Does insurance cover virtual visits as well as in-person visits?
    Yes, the liability insurance available through Kaercher covers your portrayals, whether virtually or in-person for a 12-month period. The policy period typically runs September 1 through August 31. Learn more about Insurance.
  • I work with multiple assistants at appearances; can my assistants be covered under my
  • insurance policy or must they have their own policy?
    Insured members can purchase an Assistant rider to cover assistants/helpers when they work with you at your events. The Assistant rider covers one person in the role of assistant, not the individual by name, which means the rider covers other helpers you may work with at different events (one individual per event). The rider also allows the Assistant to work solo events providing that is less than 25% of their entire performance times. If your helpers do other holiday programs, they still may need their own coverage and consider joining IBRBS. Examples of how this works include a Mrs. Claus working with an insured Santa, an elf working with an insured member, a Santa working with an insured Mrs. Claus, to cite a few. Contact our Agent for specifics about your situation. Learn more about Insurance.
  • Can I deduct any part of what I pay (dues, background check, insurance) on my tax returns?
    IBRBS cannot comment on the deductibility of such costs – each member’s tax situation is different and you should consult with a tax specialist for such information.
  • Can I pay my insurance premium in installments?
    No. Our broker doesn’t offer an installment payment plan for IBRBS. Our current, full payment option helps to keep insurance costs lower for our membership.
  • If I have a claim filed against me as a Christmas performer, what do I do?
    Contact Kaercher through the agent listed on your Certificate of Insurance.
  • How does insurance address COVID-19 or other infectious diseases?
    Typically, liability insurance does not cover any virus or infectious disease. Review your policy for specific details, or you can contact the agent to discuss any specific questions you have.

Use of the IBRBS Logo and Marketing

  • Can I use the IBRBS logo, the insurance company’s logo, or the background check company’s logo in my advertising and marketing?
    IBRBS encourages its members to use the official IBRBS trademarked logo in their marketing and advertising, including business cards and website. The logo is available for download from the member’s dashboard, or upon request. The Policy and Procedure for appropriate use is available upon request. Contact for details. Requests to use third-party branding should be directed to our partners.