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IBRBS Membership Benefits

A Board of Directors elected by the membership.

Official Bylaws which are approved by the membership.

501(c)(7) Not–for–Profit Status from the I.R.S.

A national fraternal framework within which chapters of 5 or more members are able to maintain their individual local regional identities, while still enjoying the benefits of a national organization and collective purchasing.

The IBRBS Member Entertainer's Liability Insurance Policy provides each member with $2 million INDIVIDUAL policy coverage — the same total protection which other professional entertainers have to share among their entire group. Insurance coverage period is September 1 through August 31 each year.

IBRBS provided members a comprehensive national background check for the season. A clear background check, combined with acceptance and payment in the IBRBS insurance program, activates the Abuse and Molestation coverage for a Member with no additional premium! This is an outstanding value available through IBRBS. Details available [Here]

Our annual dues of only $32.50 are one of the best bargains in the country. The IBRBS Portal provides links to our services and information for our Members. Join today!

IBRBS — PO Box 72122 — Phoenix AZ 85050-1019
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