Acorn BookendOur VisionAcorn Bookend

To be the Preeminent Santa Community in the World

Acorn BookendOur MissionAcorn Bookend

To keep Christmas magic in the hearts of children of all ages
by creating an international Christmas community

Acorn BookendOur TenetsAcorn Bookend

  • We uphold the magical spirit and meaning of Christmas.
  • We promote the joy of giving.
  • We respect the diversity of Christmas traditions throughout the world.
  • We uphold the positive image of Christmas performers.
  • We are aware of the impact and effect of our appearance at all times.
  • We support the principles embodied in the Santa Claus Oath, the Mrs. Claus Pledge, and the Elves' Oath. (CLICK TO READ EACH OATH)
  • We foster good will and cooperation throughout the entire Christmas Community.
  • We encourage members to participate in charitable and volunteer activities in their communities.
  • We promote a safe environment for all.

Acorn BookendOur MottoAcorn Bookend


The International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas — PO Box 3411 — La Habra CA 90632-3411