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The International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas (IBRBS) is committed to respecting privacy. This privacy policy governs our collection and use of personal and business information collected from members and visitors to our website, through our email and regular mail correspondence, telephone calls, and faxes, and reflects our policies toward privacy in respect to all other means of gathering and disseminating data.

Our privacy policy is accessible through the IBRBS website at all times. Our policy is to use any and all data collected by any means, whether through the internet, email, our online database and/or any interactive forms or surveys only for such uses that are important to our organization and in furtherance of our mission, in light of the professional standards required and expected from nonprofit organizations.

IBRBS reserves the right to change this policy whenever deemed necessary without prior notification. Should changes be made, they will be posted on this Privacy Policy page with the date of revision.

Information posted about our members on the public website consists only of chapter name, city and when requested, a contact email. We do, however, maintain internal lists of members and contacts. Because your physical mail and e-mail addresses are confidential, we never share either type of list with outside parties, and only key IBRBS personnel and certain technical contractors are allowed access to the areas of the computer systems in which we store our lists. Lists are accessed only for the purpose of upgrading our computer systems or distributing IBRBS newsletters, publicity campaigns, alerts, correspondence, event notifications, or other professional communications that help us accomplish our mission as a nonprofit service organization.

The IBRBS website collects information about each visitor to our website in these ways:

  1. Through your IP address
  2. Through cookies
  3. Through online forms for posting events, and response requested items
  4. Through any correspondence you send us via mail to our online posted mailing address, our online listed emails, and through other forms not associated with the database

Detail about these methods of information collection follows:

Last updated 10/01/2017

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