ISC2020 Atlanta Rescheduled Sept. 3-5, 2020


On behalf of the ISC Committee and the Board of Directors of IBRBS, we are happy to announce that, after weeks of negotiations, we have come to an amicable resolution with our partners at the Grand Hyatt in Atlanta. They have graciously waived our April contractual requirements, offering to allow us to move our celebration from April to September 3-5, 2020, Labor Day weekend. These have been trying times, navigating in choppy uncharted waters where currents changed constantly. All existing regulations, bans, and rules to date expired prior to our event and thusly never released us from our significant financial obligation to the Hotel. We are delighted to have reached this compromise with the Grand Hyatt which provides us with the same, exceptional rates and all of the one-of-a-kind benefits negotiated in support of the event.

We are excited to have been able to accomplish these things for all our attendees, vendors, workshop presenters, volunteers, and planners – over 750 of our members and non-members alike. We know that all of you looked forward to attending and we appreciate your support, patience, and understanding while we worked behind the scenes to make this happen and reach the best possible protection of everyone's interests. All this is an extremely recent and fluid development and we have yet to work out every detail, but we decided to not delay this initial announcement. The health and financial wellbeing of our attendees has always been the tantamount concern in our efforts, but such negotiations take time and the financial impact of the contractual obligations prevented our outright cancellation without the support of the Hotel.
While additional details will come shortly, rest assured all your valid tickets for the April event remain intact for the September event. Additionally, those who have previously received or requested a refund whether partial or full, will have first opportunity to have their tickets reinstated with a payment of their refund amount and any applicable fees. Those that benefited from our complimentary resale of their tickets, and avoided a cancellation penalty, should sign up for the wait list so we can try to match you to someone who may be no longer able to attend. The partial refund period has passed (3/13/2020) and we cannot issue additional refunds due to the continuing obligations, but we hope to be able to mitigate any losses through the resale of tickets. We hope you agree this resolution accomplished our goals by maximizing your best interests and possible health issues.
We will be releasing more information in the next few days as we line everything up to complete the transition, so please be patient. We suggest that, if you had planned to fly or use other similar transport (train or bus), you contact your carrier and attempt to have any credits applied to future flights. We are working with the Hotel to see if we can transfer of your hotel reservations, but more on this shortly. Do not cancel your rooms now. The rates for rooms and parking will remain the same.
Again, we thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you in Atlanta in September 2020. Please let us catch up and be patient for additional announcements.
The Board of Directors of IBRBS and its Officers
Stephen Arnold - President/CEO, Director IBRBS
Howard Graham – Professional Development Officer, Director, and ISC Chair