We are delighted you have chosen to investigate membership in IBRBS, the world’s largest organization of real-bearded Santas, Mrs Clauses, supporting spouses, and associate members – the premier Christmas Performer Community group. IBRBS provides an atmosphere of respect, cooperation, learning, and socialization unsurpassed by any other Christmas Community group. While the process is straightforward, it is comprised of several stages:
  • Please review our Membership Benefits page, this welcome page and its contents, read the Tenets of our organization, and affirm your personal commitment to uphold these principles and fulfill their meaning, and share the joy at all times.
  • Prior to proceeding with your application, be prepared to upload a personal headshot (upper torso and head) profile photograph of you, alone, and in full character if you are applying as Santa, Mrs Claus, or as an Associate member. Your photo file should be of good and clear resolution, facing forward. You will be unable to complete the registration process without uploading your qualifying picture and IBRBS full member Santas must perform with real beards.
  • Now prepared, please proceed to the Member Application page, our online form to collect important information about you, allowing us to set up your IBRBS personal profile in our member database.
  • Submit your information and photograph by reaffirming your intentions and you will be provided with a PayPal payment page. Pay any dues that will be applicable to your type of membership request.
  • After payment, you will be forwarded to the submission confirmation page as well as receive a notification email. Review of your application may take several days (we are an all-volunteer organization), but when complete we will advise you of your acceptance and provide a temporary password, which you should change immediately upon login. We will send you an email if we need more information to approve your application or provide you with the reason for denial.

The IBRBS Mission, Tenets, and Motto

Our Mission

To keep Christmas magic in the hearts of children of all ages by creating an international Christmas community.

Our Tenets

  • We uphold the magical spirit and meaning of Christmas.
  • We promote the joy of giving.
  • We respect the diversity of Christmas traditions throughout the world.
  • We uphold the positive image of Christmas performers.
  • We are aware of the impact and effect of our appearance at all times.
  • We support the principles embodied in the Santa Claus Oath, the Mrs Claus Pledge, and Santa’s Elf’s Oath. (CLICK TO READ EACH OATH)
  • We foster goodwill and cooperation throughout the entire Christmas Community.
  • We encourage members to participate in charitable and volunteer activities in their communities.
  • We promote a safe environment for all.
  • We will not do anything to embarrass the Christmas Community and the IBRBS organization by conduct, word, or deed.

Our Motto

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, our Officers, our Membership Committee, and what may be your fellow members of IBRBS, we thank you for your interest and welcome you to reach out via email if you have any questions about IBRBS or these procedures. Sincerely, Stephen P. Arnold IBRBS President/CEO

By my affirmation below, I confirm my understanding and intentions to abide by the IBRBS tenets.