We are pleased to offer our Members their insurance coverage from Philadelphia Insurance and our broker, Kaercher Insurance.

We are pleased to announce a nominal change in premium rates.
Our 2021-22 Program details follow:

Level One — $170 per year (2021-22 Rate)

  • $2,000,000 Aggregate ($1,000,000 each Occurrence) coverage per member
  • Assistants can be covered for $70 additional per assistant
  • Includes $500,000/$100,000 Molestation coverage

Level Two — $205 per year (2021-22 Rate)

  • $4,000,000 Million Aggregate ($2,000,000 each Occurrence) coverage per member
  • Assistants can be covered for $75 per assistant
  • Includes $500,000/$100,000 Molestation coverage

Remember, a clear background check is required to activate the insurance policy Molestation coverage for either level.  You do not have to have the Background Check to apply for insurance.  If you want the additional coverage, it just needs to be done before you start your season. IBRBS does not receive a copy. Be sure to request your copy during the request process.

OTHER CHARACTER RIDER $70-$75. (2021-2022 Rate Reduction!)
For those of you who perform as clowns, storytellers, magicians and other characters, IBRBS has arranged an optional rider to insure your performances. Add it on for the low price of $70 for Level One — $75 for Level Two

For all Members who will be working in a foreign country, this endorsement will be included at no additional charge in your 2021-22 policy.

  • Your member dashboard will have the link to the Kaercher secure website to renew, or enroll for, your liability insurance.
  • You will pay your premium fee directly to Kaercher Insurance, not IBRBS. Kaercher accepts major credit and debit cards.
  • Kaercher will charge a $5 per application processing fee and pass through the credit card processing fees.
  • You should plan on a minimum of 10 working days to complete this process.
  • To qualify for your special “member-only” price, you must have paid your IBRBS 2021-22 annual dues for Full or Associate members.

NEW BENEFITS FOR CANADIAN MEMBERS: Check back with us soon as we are working to add Entertainer’s Liability Insurance for our Canadian members on or about 9/1/2021. We have already activated access to the 2021-22 background checks for Canadians.